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At the November committee meeting it was decided to adjust the members bar discount rate from 17.5% to 25%. This will commence on Saturday 1st December 2018 and end on 31st January 2019 when it will revert to 17.5% This will apply to all members including social members...... HAPPY CHRISTMAS. ( Might be the right place to hold your Christmas Party.! )

Following an internal health and safety review of the club risk management system a number of signs have been purchased and will be erected around the course to warn of hazards and the risks of trespassing on the course. Whilst most members know of these risks many new members and visitors are less aware. The signs will help keep us legal on health and safety matters.

We are getting a price to update our water main. At present the pressure supplied by Portsmouth Water in our area, about 1.5 bar, refills our tank slowly which limits the watering of the course and gives reduced pressure when taps are used in the clubhouse to the bungalow and other outlets. In view of this we are obtaining a price to double the diameter of our supply pipe. Portsmouth Water have acknowledged our request and we are awaiting a site visit. Further updates as we progress.

Jim, our Head Green keeper is going to level some of the tees during the Winter months, he will lift turfs, and roll them, level the soil and replace turfs this will have little impact on the monthly medals as the tees will be usable after they have worked on them.
We are also investigating some new astroturf tees to replace existing Winter mats.

A number of trees need attention around the course to maintain their health, remove risks to golfers and the course and to remove those dying or diseased. We have got two firms in to give us expert opinion and prices. Trees being looked at include the one by the shop, the one leaning on the fence by the 3rd green and the one leaning towards the footbridge leading to the 4th tee, two by the 14th green and the overgrown shrubs by the putting green. Any tree totally removed will be replaced by purchasing and planting another one on the course. When a decision is made, we will advise members.

The green staff will dig a soakaway at the bottom of the path leading to the yellow and red lower tee on the 9th hole, Hoggin will then be placed on the path and compacted. giving much better drainage of surface water and better footing for members and buggies.
Also the path alongside the 4th tee will be widened and the missing sleepers replaced.

OK, don't tell us, we know the black and yellow tape used around the shop and club house to mark hazards did not work out as well as we hoped. We have bought some yellow quick dry road paint (drying time 30 minutes). We are looking for a couple of volunteers to paint the areas, preferably with a steady hand.

We have arranged to get plans drawn up of the clubhouse/shop. This is to give us an overview of our clubhouse so we can plan how the clubhouse will look in the future and ensure that any work carried out now does not adversely effect essential work planned for the future.

The patio outside the new patio doors will be laid in early December, together with a disabled access ramp, leveling of the slabs outside the existing patio door and repairing the steps leading up to the practice area. Another job we can tick off the list. At the same time, we aim to improve the surface by the flower bed outside the shop so we can get a shoe cleaning air compressor installed. This has been discussed by the committee and hopefully will be completed early next year.

FINALLY If you missed it, visit our website to check out the 2019 changes to the Rules of Golf on VIDEOs

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