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Having received a number of remarks regarding the state of greens, the problems were discussed with the Head Greenkeeper who stated he was aware of the problems and was trying to resolve them.

During the lockdown period the green staff were only allowed to do necessary work, when the course opened one of the staff did not return and it is only in the last couple of weeks that they have got back to full staffing.

The main door to the green shed broke restricting the equipment that could accessed that would be used to resolve the problems. Green keeper week, used to set up the course during the Spring but this was missed due to the lockdown.

The next Green Keeper week was set to be in August, but with the main door to the Green Keepers equipment shed being repaired early next week, and the equipment being ‘released’, the Green staff and committee are suggesting the Green Keeper week be carried out the first week of July. This would allow greens to be repaired and improved and give a longer playing period after this was completed.

For those who are unaware of what Green Keeper week involves this in when major works and repairs are carried out to maintain a healthy playing surface and members may be playing of some temporary greens during this week.

DRESS CODE: The dress code is on our website and should be adhered to when on the course or club house.

BAR OPENING: The committee have had a meeting regarding opening the bar and hope to do so on Saturday 4th July 2020. The rules that all members must abide by will include signing into the Club House before ordering a drink and maintaining social distancing. Further details will be published before opening.

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